June 06, 2008

Friday after work

I had a nice chat today with a foreign friend of mine, who enjoys pretending he's Romanian in the country where he's working now. It seems that in that country people actually find you interesting if you tell them you're from Romania. That's something new, I laughed ... yep, it is, I remember when I went to Italy, or to Bulgaria, or to Greece, if you're Romanian, well... you know there's a story there. :)
I'm writing this in English because, even though you speak Romanian quite well, we only communicate in English and when you don't know a word in English it's easier for you to tell it in Romanian. And that's funny, but I'm writing this about you, so you deserve a special treat. ;)
Ok, so that's a nice feeling on a Friday evening, to have a cup of coffee in a nice and fancy coffeeshop where I usually go with my girls, after work, with someone really nice, with interesting ideas. I give all my respects to this man, he usually opens my mind and my eyes in a way that I can' t really put in words.
So, today we talked about his idea of respecting and trusting people you work and live with, of how he imagines life far from his country and how to manage living something real with someone that's miles away from him. We discussed about cultures and way of behaviour, about education and friendship, about commitment and people that are really worth fighting for to keep close.

3 hours of my life spent in a good way. Not cool, not nice, not interesting, not aventurous, just good. And good is perfect.
People like you should be cloned, we need more of you on this planet.
Tks, kiddo. :*


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