February 27, 2013

random aspects

I'm a true-blue romantic. But sometimes I embrace reality with my cruel soul. 
Many people have seen both sides. And I fear both of them, in equal measures.

I learned that sweet&cute coincidences are coincidences and nothing more.
Because if we start seeing something repeatedly, it may be sweet and cute, but it means nothing to the untrained mind. To the trained mind it means just that it has been trained very good in that aspect.

Rehab is for quitters. I miss smoking and I'm a hypocrite for telling people to stop smoking.
I will give myself an additional year before I will stop feeling guilty for telling people to quit smoking. Until then, I'm still in probation.
Speaking of which, tequila is back in my life. :heart:

Let's take "I will always", but let's just say something about "I never" and a little bit about "I love you".
I equally hate and love the above 3 dangerous words/foolishnesses.

Yesterday evening I dined at a restaurant who is now high on my favourite places' list.
Best sea food and desert I've ever had. I'm starting to fall in love with Cuba.

"Nothing is more powerful than the human spirit."
"Life is about creating yourself."
So do something good, while you're at it.

Returning today from Ljubljana I realised I haven't thought enough above my friend, Paris, in a while.
I will never forget you, Paris. But Paris, you see, we will meet in another lifetime, when we will both be cats. 
We have to.

Hit it, Gary:
Your guitar still brings the chills down my spine.

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