February 12, 2013

As if.

As if life wasn't complicated enough, a snowstorm just had to start.
As if it wasn't cold enough, my book just had to end before I even started writing it.
As if curiosity wasn't enough, my fine cat senses made me put my whiskers in the air.

Sniffing...something's happening.
A sandstorm during a snowstorm must surely happen somewhere. No one has ever heard of such a predicament, but it's happening now in a far-far away land, where 43 squirrels are dancing with their mates, as if that's such a normal thing to dream about.

As if it wasn't hot enough, I just know I attract these things, so there's no one else to blame them for.
Might as well embrace them, Miez, might as well embrace them.

Such is life. : )

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Anonymous said...

43 squirrels :)

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