February 28, 2013

All systems go!

So, I just moved.
You knew that already, as I'm not very good at covering the truth about myself..."that's why you have a personal blog, silly, haha". Yeah, like she said. :)
But as of today, I also moved the blog on a new page, for practical reasons you will not need to read about.

As a mini-teaser, you should know I'm planning to focus more on letting the world know what my woman-child mind produces in the near future; and maybe I'll dig out some old ideas I have put down in my computer along the time, in the "Red/Blue-pill_for my eyes only" category.

So should you wish to continue reading me, please check out this new place - which currently looks exactly like the current one, I know. Don't panic, though, I'm just too lazy to change the template now. :))

Daca plec, hai, vii cu mine? : )

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Coyote said...

You should have written this post in the other blog, too, and then cross link it with this one. Then sit and laugh.

Mindfuck/inception stuff.

Also, da, venim, nu avem de ales.

Also, post a BIG LINK to the new blog, not this flimsy "new place" link.

Miezu` said...

yes, Mum. :))

Miezu` said...

am facut linkul mare. acu o sa poti sa o bagi iar p-aia cu umflatul pana ating 1m cub de penaj. :P

PS: raspunsul corect era "unde vrei". of.

Mihai said...

congrats! ..and you should avoid the saying "woman-child", it's like a single mom with a kid :D

Miezu` said...

Mmmm...single mum called MdeMiez with a kid, called MdeMiez2.0 :D

Anonymous said...

pai da mai fato da nu puteai fii ceva mai creativa daca tot ai decis sa iti muti blogu? :) puteai sa pui si tu miez de vienna sau din astea, nu mdemiez 2.0 :D (iti dai seama cata creativitate am in mine la ora asta).
Felicitari pentru mutare (cea din RL) :D
George Pogo

Miezu` said...

sa stii ca m-am gandit si eu sa pun ceva cu Viena, dar nu prea mi-a placut niciodata sa fiu legata de lucruri/locuri [sau oameni]. :)
in plus, sa zicem ca MdeMiez este un brand clasic caruia i-am facut un mini facelift :D

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