February 20, 2013


You either have it. 
Or you don't.

50% chances for you to make it, which is still not such a tragic case, one might say.
But it's not enough. 50% chances are never enough for you to be able to touch the stars from the floor of the small room you've isolated yourself in by now. They can merely help you grab a stool and stand on it, but your hands will barely even reach those shinier 65% chances. 
One might also say that 65% chances do sound better than the 50% you had before grabbing that small stool in the corner. So you listen to one's voice and now you get the courage to go even higher. Thus said, minutes later, you're standing on a stool, with a broom in your hand, stretching your body towards the ceiling. 
Not bad, not bad at all, I'm quite a bit impressed.

I might dare to say that you do look a bit ridiculous, you know. ;)) 
A grown up, standing on a stool, holding a broom, stretching like a kid for the candy on the top shelf. :) 

But you're not hearing me anymore, do you? 
Of course you're not. Now there's only 15% chances between you and your desired 100%, so you forget in a glimpse about my annoying voice...now you're thinking only about what you should do to get your remaining 15%. 
You take a look around, but there's nothing else in your tiny room. In your tiny, isolation room there's just a silly grown-up, standing on a stool, holding a broom, reaching to the lamp. 

So the silly grown-up decides to jump. 
50% chances to fall, 50% chances to make it work. 

Oh, Alice...
You go get them 15% chances, girl. :)

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